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International Conference series on community land and resource rights

Global | | Stockholm, Sweden

Inequality and the marginalization of women, Indigenous Peoples, and rural communities is driving political unrest, challenging conventional development models, and increasing calls for social, economic, and environmental security across the globe. Today, nearly a third of the world's population does not have secure rights to the lands and forests they customarily claim. This insecurity undermines global progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals and the climate change commitments of the Paris Agreement.

Today, there are unprecedented commitments by governments, the private sector, and the international community to respect community and indigenous land rights as a solution to global inequality, conflict, and an increasingly unstable climate. A new set of tools and initiatives is already supporting efforts to scale-up rights recognition. However, the pressure on community lands continue to grow, community members who protect their rights do so at grave risk, and women who are increasingly playing a leading role in forest and land management continue to face injustice in both land rights and governance.

This October, Indigenous Peoples, community leaders, NGOs, governments and private companies determined to channel the great ambition and willingness that's needed to support land and resource rights around the globe will come to Stockholm.

Some of the most important decision makers and stakeholders in the field will be participating in the strategy sessions.

ABOUT The international conference series

This is the third conference in the series, the first took place in 2013 in Interalek, Switzerland. The second took place in Bern, Switzerland and now the third one will convene in Stockholm, Sweden.

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