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Events in June/2017
1. June
Global | Thursday, 1. June 2017 | Worldwide

World Milk Day 2017

The UN declared in 2001 World Milk Day to take place every June 1, recognising how important milk is for healthy nutrition and the fact that dairy sector supports the livelihoods of up to one billion people worldwide.


6. June
Global | Tuesday, 6. June 2017 | Brussels, Belgium

Food Security and Nutrition in an Urbanizing World

Hyper-urbanization and its implications for food security and nutrition in urban and rural areas is an urgent concern that has gained increasing attention over the years.


29. June
Global | Thursday, 29. June 2017 | Utrecht, the Netherlands

LANDac International Conference 2017

The 2017 conference takes the all-encompassing SDGs as a starting point to explore how land governance can contribute to meeting these targets, and ultimately help to end poverty in all its forms everywhere (Goal 1).