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Technical Committee on Land Tenure and Development Land series

The French technical Committee on land tenure and development published three publications that explore several land rights and tenure related issues. First publication is an operational "Guide to due diligence of agribusiness projects that affect land and property rights". Published in 2014, the publication looks into conceptual and methodological framework and the objectives as well as the expected results from the analysis of agribusiness projects that affect land and property rights.

The second publication, from 2015, analyses the issue of "Formalising land rights in developing countries". Land is a key issue for development policy. A more formalised process of land acquisition will positively affect the investment environment and will enable private sector engagement, while accelerating the pace of change. The study recognises the formalisation of land rights as highly political issue that can have a positive impact on development if other conditions are also met. In conclusion the authors look into the challenges of inclusive formalisation policies.

The most recent publication is entitled "Proposals from French stakeholders to improve the use and application of the VGGT". The publication has several sections presenting factors of success and pitfalls to be avoided in ensuring application of the VGGT, recommendations for effective application and also gives an overview of some French initiatives to assist with the application of the VGGT.

ABOUT Technical Committee on Land tenure and Development

The Technical Committee on “Land Tenure and development” is an informal think tank composed of experts, researchers and officials from the French Cooperation. It was set up in 1996 to provide strategic support to the French Cooperation and supervise land tenure initiatives through a network of French and international actors. Initiatives by the Committee include the White Paper on land governance and security of tenure in developing countries produced by actors in the French Cooperation, and numerous other works and tools aimed at improving our understanding of land issues in developing countries and our ability to meet the challenges they present. These can all be found on the Land Tenure and Development website.


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