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Platform Annual Report

With the Agenda 2030, agriculture and rural development were put in a new perspective. The international commitment to end hunger and poverty will guide members’ activities over the next 15 years. With the new Strategic Plan 2016–2020, they adopted a new mission and vision to strengthen the efforts towards raising the profile of agriculture, rural development and food and nutrition security.

The past year has transformed the policy landscape within which donor agencies work. Against the background of the three major agreements of the international community, namely SDGs/Agenda 2030, Finance for Development and UNFCCC COP21 outcomes on climate change, the donor community has been struggling to adapt to a new role in development. The increased importance of domestic finance of developing nations, the enhanced role of private sector investments and the high impact of remittances on development efforts call for revisiting donor approaches and more effective use of ODA.

A transformative year for the Platform

With the international agreements on SDGs, COP22 and Financing for Development, the frame of work of the Platform has changed. The report summarises the activities of 2015 and the new goals the Platform agreed on.

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A further challenge to the development assistance flows from the donor community was posed by the highly in - creased migration of refugees to Europe in 2015. While recognising the positive role ARD plays in combating the reasons for migration, many European countries opted to re-locate ODA assigned budget to migrants support, integration and administration. Donor agencies agree that in the framework of Agenda 2030 even more funds should be transferred to migration countries. The members of the Platform, as well as the international community as a whole, agreed that a higher level of donor coordination and exchange will be required to sustainably address the complicated sustainable development agenda and the challenges to agriculture and rural development in order to achieve measurable positive development on migration and economic development.

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Martina Karaparusheva
Junior Policy and Communications Advisor

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