Publications [ID: 146]


The publications section offers a topic specific overview of the latest publications by international research organisations, civil society and academia, but also by the members and partners of the Platform.

Nourishing Millions – Stories of change in nutrition

This new publication recognises that nutrition is currently receiving unprecedented attention and that people need guidance on how to design, implement and evaluate nutrition policies and programs.


From promise to impact – the global nutrition report 2016

The Global Nutrition Report documents the world’s progress in combating malnutrition, and it identifies best practice examples and actions to accelerate that progress and fill existing gaps.


Adopting territorial approach to food security and nutrition policy

Focusing policy approaches on one issue limits the needed long-term sectoral and territorial inclusiveness of food security strategies, territorial approach could be the solution.


Plates, pyramids and planet: FAO/FCRN analysis of dietary guidelines and sustainability

A new report published by FAO and the Food Climate Research Network at the University of Oxford in May, that makes a case for addressing sustainability and climate change when promoting good nutrition.


Planning, Implementing and Evaluating Climate-smart Agriculture in smallholder farming systems

Many smallholder farmers in developing countries are facing food insecurity, poverty and need to deal with climate change impacts and scarce natural resources. Climate-smart agriculture presents a solution.


UNDP Human Development Report 2016

Gender inequality is costing sub-Saharan Africa on average $US95 billion a year, jeopardising the continent’s efforts for inclusive human development and economic growth, according to the Africa Human Development Report 2016.


Factsheets: Agrobiodiversity- the key to food security, climate adaption and resilience

To promote awareness and share knowledge on conservation and the sustainable use of agrobiodiversity, GIZ, on behalf of BMZ, has published this series of seven agrobiodiversity factsheets.


BMZ Guidelines on Land Governance in German Development Cooperation

Secure access to land has become a major focus of German Development Cooperation, resulting in a growing need for appropriate orientation and knowledge for development practitioners.


Exploring territorial inequalities and their importance for rural areas

The International Conference on Territorial Inequality and Development took place back in January 2016 in Puebla, Mexico. The outcomes of the conference feed into the discussion in the workstream on Agenda 2030.